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hire me as your SOCIAL media manager from only £75 per month

It is essential for any business that wants to maintain and grow their business in 2019 and beyond to have a proactive online marketing strategy.

Social Media should be the focal part of that plan. Social media is key in building brand awareness and also generating new leads which will mean more sales and more profit.

Your customers spend a lot of time on social media, this is why you should want to be right in the middle of all the action.

10 years ago, to be savvy in business you would have been having leaflets regularly delivered, advertising in local directory’s and advertising in newspapers and magazines.

The great news is social media is much more effective, and better still costs a fraction of the price. We are experts in creating and managing social media accounts for small and medium sized business owners.

We take complete control of uploading and managing your daily social media content, which allows you to follow up on leads, make the sale and then manage the service.

The types of business that would benefit from this service is vast and includes but not limited to retailers, estate agents, restaurants, pubs, events, trades people including electricians, builders, carpenters, kitchen fitters, plumbers, painters, window fitters, hotels, mechanics, take aways, coffee shops… The list goes on.

Phone us now on 01323 641 117 and let us help you grow your business.


expert design & MANAGEMENT

  • OUTSTANDING initial design across all social media platforms

  • THRIVE on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and instagram

  • BE SEEN mobile optimized clean accounts

  • MORE CUSTOMERS access to millions of targeted potential customers

  • HAPPY CUSTOMERS engagement campaigns

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Social media manager
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Just some of the benefits

  • Business accounts created and branded across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram

  • I will be your very own designated account manager

  • I will post every single weekday across every platform helping you reach untapped potential customers every single day

  • I guarantee you Regular new followers and likes that will turn into potential customers

  • If you also have a website , this will also provide excellent SEO benefits with backlinks to your website and contact information

website vs social media

We get asked a lot if its worth having an active business social media presence if you already have a website, and the answer is 100% yes! Let me just take 60 seconds of your time and explain why. When you have a website this is just the first step in having a successful online presence. As you will know it then takes time and skill to get people to visit your website. You may do this by giving out flyers, advertising on uniform, vehicles, radio, newspapers etc. However you do it, It requires a level of marketing to get your customers engaged and motivated to come to you.

The beauty of social media is there are already millions of people already engaged and spending lots of time navigating the site. By having us post daily we are effectively pushing out your brand to a captive audience, which we will grow month on month. Everytime a social media follower engages with your post, it will show up on their timeline and instantly display 100’s of their friends and family within their network. It is the equivalent of that person handing out your business card to 100s of people.

Business social media has already transformed the world of business and made a lot of people very successful. Don’t be late to the party and miss out on the power of social media… Take action today - Give me a call on 01323 641 117