partner with us . every website we build we give £50 to two FAMILY'S & their COMMUNITY 


sincere thanks. you are helping change lives

Our family have had the pleasure of sponsoring both Jerson (Phillipines)  and Issaka (Burkino Faso) via compassion UK since January 2016. We have seen first hand what a difference our sponsorship has and can make to not only our sponsored children in poverty but also to their family's. It costs just £25 per month to sponsor a child which for us here living in the western world is a small sacrifice to pay for their health and schooling plus support from the local church.It is a great blessing for us to send and receive regular letters from our Children and going forward we will post our updates on our website so that you can see how you have helped.  More information here

so how can you help ?

You already are . By you using the website shop to build your website we pledge to give £100 from the cost of your website  and pass £25 to Isakka and £25 to Jerson and their local communities . This extra funding is in addition to the monthly sponsorship that we commit to permanently anyway. Burkina Faso was recently featured on a BBC documentary highlighting what has unfortunately been known for years. Children as young as 10 working down dangerous mines, hunting for Gold for pay that equates to pence per day. The money that we will donate on your behalf will make a stunning difference. Please take a second to have a look below at the photos of Isakka and Jerson to give you an idea of how you are going to help these precious Children , Their families and there local communities. We will send a screen print of your donation once we have paid it and if you are able to yourselves I please urge you to have a look at the compassion website to see how you can help sponsor a childs life. ( watch the video below )

why ?

It is no secret that we are blessed to be living as the richest people in the world. I believe with this comes a responsibility. We have to be good stewards of this wealth and that is why we are fully focused on passing on a minimum of 33% of our website turnover to two of the worlds poorest communities.


this is what one website creates for our two children  - thank you

For more information and also to find out how you can sponsor your own child in poverty, please check out the compassion uk website